Universal Environmental Services (UES) is the leading used oil collector and processing company in the South East, covering fourteen states and with a growing fleet of more than 100 trucks. UES collects more than 33M gallons of used oil. UES is also a technology leader in its field, having deployed state-of-the-art mobile technology to support the daily collection activities of its drivers.


UES serves roughly 20,000 customers in over 30,000 locations throughout the South Eastern United States.

With that level of complexity, UES requires a centralized application that can provide the most up to date information to its many users. Our team worked with the folks at UES to design and develop an application that would be at the core of the operations, bringing together information from the Used Oil collection, Operations and the Re-Refinery business units. The result of this effort was the Core Application developed by the team at nuVector specifically for the folks at UES.

Core, as it is typically called, is an application that combines information from many other systems, such as Navision, SCS, MFS-iOS and Talon to present a holistic view of the business. With its user-specific dashboards, user can quickly get a pulse of the operations and, if need be, dive into the necessary detail to make informed business decisions. Core is the result of years of experience from both the UES operations team and the development team working in close partnership. The Core platform has been designed to be extensible and adaptable, to cope with future needs as UES business foot print grows due to their incredible success in the Used Oil Collection and Re-Refinery business.

Tying in the different operational business units, from collections, to lab, to tank inventory, to task management to sales, Core provides the right amount of information in an easy-to-use interface that helps UES personnel do their jobs every day.

Core has enable UES personnel to get a holistic view of the business environment, thus minimizing the islands of information usually found in large corporations. This enables UES business users to make better informed decisions on a daily basis.




As part of their collection operations, UES drivers and dispatchers plan and execute collection routes every week. Prior to implementing nuVector technology, UES drivers were expected to carry with them enormous stacks of folders and papers containing an inordinate amount of information for the scheduled pick-up appointments of the following week.

After implementing nuVector MFS application, UES drivers are now able to quickly and easily plan their weekly routes, record customer transactions in real time, collect payment on the spot, print customer receipts (from small portable Bluetooth printers linked to their mobile devices), manipulate routes to best suit driving conditions, annotate accounts for potential contract changes, and eliminate all paperwork associated with UES field operations.

All these operational improvements resulted in dramatically increasing driver efficiency while simultaneously decreasing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).


UES was searching for a solution to manage information, including addresses, contact info, and contractual documents, for its more than 20,000 customers. This solution needed to have an easy-to-use web based interface with minimal training requirements for their staff.

After coming to nuVector for its innovative solutions, UES now has the online capability to manage client information using the SCS application that provides an enhanced user interface, internet access to their ERP, minimal training requirements, and full control over user accessibility.

This has resulted in a much more improved customer service experience for inquiring customers while simplifying the customer information management tasks.




The transport fleet drivers are responsible for delivering processed base oil to UES’ customers as well as picking-up used oil from large providers. Due to the high volume of trucks entering and leaving the re-refinery, UES was facing difficulties controlling and managing all of the required work associated with processing and tracking the transport and collection fleets.

UES now uses Talon, which is an innovative web based application that allows transport drivers, dispatchers, plant control room operators and lab technicians to have full visibility to all incoming and outgoing trucks and railcars carrying used oil and base oil.

Talon provides UES with an online truck dispatching system, an online scheduling tool for transport truck/rail loading, a centralized lab result logging system, cross platform compatibility, and state-of-the-art security.

As a result, Talon provides UES personnel with a centralized system that gives the right information to the right user, based on each user’s specific requirements, tying all of these previously separate processes into one cohesive solution.


UES has a dedicated sales force team that is in charge of acquiring new customers as well as maintaining and enhancing current customer relationships. When visiting a customer, sales personnel often have to discuss the latest transactions or changes related to the customer’s contract, which can sometimes change on a weekly, or even, a daily basis. It is critical that the sales team has the latest information in order to properly address any issues or concerns that the customer may bring up.

UES uses UES Pro, an innovative nuVector mobile application that allows sales personnel to instantly access customer information on their mobile devices (android, iOS and windows cellphones and tablets). This application connects to UES’ back-end systems to provide customer contract information, including the latest pricing, transactions and even displaying a map of the customer locations.

This has resulted in a drastic reduction of call-backs to the customer management center that supports the sales team while dramatically increasing sales performance.


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