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Optimizing operational assets by knowing where they are is vital to any company’s success

Whether they are racks or tanks that circulate in your supplier or customer loops, or on-site resources required for operating your production lines, knowing when and where those assets are available, is key to optimizing your operations.

Asset cataloging, resource management, asset tracking, exception alerts, proactive notifications, reporting – nuVector’s suite of turn-key applications form an integrated solution that helps you manage, track and optimize your assets, resources and activities. Automated reports can show you where there is room for optimization, while custom reports can be used to mine the available data for what-if analysis.


Dimon (LoopManager) is a good example of a project well executed. nuVector was able to understand our needs and create a perfect (and simple) solution on budget.The customer service was very good and the final product is exactly what we were hoping for.

Javier Soloaga, Vice President Revenue Assurance

TBS – Latin America


nuVector has created this suite of applications with the corporate user in mind. Our goal is to allow managers to have a window into the operations of the enterprise that provides concise and useful information allowing the user to make informed decisions and be alerted of situations requiring user intervention.

Please feel free to explore the components of nuVector’s suite of turn-key solutions for more information.

asset management

The right asset, at the right place, at the right time… It’s possible with LoopManager


LoopManager™ is nuVector’s asset management application that enables your company to track, manage and optimize the use of its returnable assets within the supply chain; whether the assets are in the supplier’s logistical loop, the customer’s logistical loop, or both.

LoopManager™ provides the business user with cutting-edge capabilities, including alerts and proactive notifications to ensure that the business user is aware of situations requiring immediate attention. LoopManager™ can be coupled with RFID technology to make faster and better informed decisions when it comes down to managing the supply chain.

LoopManager™ offers online asset cataloguing that provides standardized asset information, including near real-time inventory levels, location of all assets being managed, proactive notifications that provide up to the minute information on potentially risky situations, asset shipping management as well as automatically generated analyses and reports based on the captured operational data.


“I have been working with nuVector for just over 3 years. Their response time and customer service is unparalleled!  I have been in transportation since 2005, using software from Department of Defense  cargo movement operation systems (CMOS) to the internationally popular SAP. nuVector’s asset management system (LoopManager) is as advanced, if not more, due to the capabilities of customization to cater to your industry or organization’s specific needs, yet much less difficult to navigate/operate. We literally had an illiterate employee that could successfully operate it.  We can also track/trace/monitor every asset without the need for serializing materials. ”

Terry V. Meng, CMC Operations Manager – PackIQ.

The main features of LoopManager are:


A centralized repository of asset knowledge that provides standardized asset information such as physical dimensions, model variations, design documents, repair history and much more.


An enterprise and business-partner wide view of information that provides near real-time inventory levels and location data of all the managed assets in the supply chain. It must adapt to any environment so we’ve made it hardware agnostic… It can work with RFID, barcodes and even manual inputs to ensure that it fits your environment.


A mission critical notification mechanism that provides up to the minute information of potentially risky situations; notifications can be tiered based on the severity of the situation.


A built-in reporting engine designed to extract useful information from the operational data captured.

Not limited to just tabular data, but to state of the art business charts and graphics


Track and manage all value-added activities performed on your assets… Returnable assets require tender loving care; whether you wash them, repair them, or even discard them, LoopManager™ allows you to keep track of all those activities.

JobShopApp is an easy-to-use work order management system for your fabrication shop.

JobShopApp is a job-shop order tracking application that provides full visibility to the maintenance and repair processes of industrial equipment; all the way from planning, quoting and processing to shipping and invoicing.

It allows you to create and submit quotes, receive products against those quotes (if quoted), track the work, time and cost of the repair/maintenance tasks performed on the products, handle all the outbound shipping and finally generate the invoices for the work done.