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A variety of data and infrastructure related services with the goal of simplifying and accelerating the deployment of technology solutions

When working with our clients’ systems, whether it is to implement a turn-key solution, tailored development or just enhance an existing application, we have encountered, almost without exception, that a large part of our time is consumed by having to either analyze, clean or enhance our clients’ data in order to avoid the traditional GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out) challenge.

This unique expertise that we have built over many years of development and deployment of systems has proven to be a valuable asset to our clients, resulting in most of our clients requesting our help with their internal data analysis work.

“…we are pleased to have your outsourced team as an extension to our technical group and fully expect to maintain this relationship moving forward.”

Robert Helmer, President
Commerce Science Corporation

Additionally, in line with our resource visualization solutions, we also offer geocoding and geopattern analysis services, instrumental tools in the marketing analysis of our clients’ customers. With these location-based tools, executives can visualize hidden patterns in their customer base, thus better understanding geo-trends and using this information, along with other factors, to increase market penetration, avoid unprofitable regions or increase overall profits.

data analysis


Every company handles vital information associated with its operations and they need an enterprise-wide information infrastructure that is secure and robust, where the data can be reliably stored and kept from falling in the wrong hands.

Sharing information with fellow employees should be a safe and easy process, allowing companies to leave behind the tedious process of sharing documents through e-mails or relying on costly owned hardware infrastructures which are very expensive to maintain.

With more than 7 years of experience running 100% in the cloud, and assisting other companies get there, we offer Cloud Migration Services that will enable your business to get the most out of any of the cloud computing environments available, such as the Microsoft Cloud, the Amazon Web Services or even the Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud computing brings big benefits at very reasonable costs. The basic mantra of cloud services is Pay for what you use…

Here are some of the advantages cloud computing offers:

  • Ease of Use: Easy access to all information at any time
  • Protected: Easy to implement, unattended backup procedures
  • Secure: With multiple security layers such as MultiFactor Authentication (MFA)
  • Distributed: Securely work from wherever you are
  • Access Control: Easily control who has (or not) access to what and when
  • Scalability: Use (and pay for) as little or as much as you need, in real time
  • Reliable: In the 4 years we have been running in the cloud (7×24), our infrastructure has never been down
  • Hardware-less: No need to buy expensive hardware to run and maintain

You may have heard about the Cloud, but do you know how to get the most out of it in no time? Let us do the job for you. We are your key to efficiently optimizing your Cloud.

cloud computing

data cleansing

Remember the Garbage In, Garbage Out mantra?
Well, it is true!

During the 20+ years that our team has been developing and implementing software, there is one constant: bad data. It is the Achilles heel of any technology implementation. ‘Bad Data” happens naturally. It comes primarily from manually entered data (such as mistypes, incorrect selection of choices, wrongly read in handwritten data, etc.) but also from other sources such less-than perfect data interfaces, erroneous data mappings and many others.

It is estimated that when using a manual process to enter data, errors run in the 20%-30% range – this means that if you have data for a million customers, 200,000 to 300,000 of those records, will have errors in them.
Our teams can help you lower, if not eliminate, that error rate. By making use of data analysis tools and having a long-time history of performing these kind of tasks, we can help you protect against this problem and return to your enterprise the confidence to deal with the every-day business.

Data is useful, information is valuable. Our job is to turn your data into valuable information

Most enterprises have Terabytes, if not Petabytes of data. The real question is: how much of that data has been turned into decision making information? The answer is not as much as one would think. The conversion of data into information is as much an art as it is a science. It takes a keen eye for analysis to make the leap.

Our team thrives when making that conversion. With the use of a combination of tools, we strive to make sense of the large quantity of data that is held in our clients’ systems. Often times, we work in tandem with our clients, since the business knowledge resides there, and we offer the ability to extract the pertinent data as well as providing a fresh pair of eyes – which in the data analysis worlds is a necessity.

data analysis


Put your organization, customers and suppliers on the map

Geocoding refers to the process of creating geo-reference data (latitude and longitude) for physical locations on earth. This is essential for the use of mapping applications. Our team can help you create this kind of information from the address data you maintain in your systems.

With sophisticated tools, our geocoding group can quickly analyze, cleanse and geocode your locations and put you in track to start using mapping applications to analyze marketing data, optimize your distribution, perform what-if analysis by modeling variable demand and supply patterns, and many other business optimization opportunities that arise from adding this geographical dimension to your data.

Mine geographic knowledge to identify specific target areas

Assuming you have geocoded your enterprise data, geo-pattern analysis can highlight hidden relations between customers, demographics, demand and suppliers that would otherwise be overlooked. This type of analysis allows you to focus marketing campaigns and product launches, design distribution strategies, analyze infrastructure expansions or contractions (yes, sometimes contraction is a good thing!), and many other business process optimizations that would be very hard to do without this approach.

Our team has extensive experience in the use of geographic information to accomplish such tasks and has used it very successfully to optimize supply chains, increase profits, reduce costs and mitigate risks.

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